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Furry. FM has completely reworked the broadcast offer for you! As of September 31st at about 10 pm we are changing to a new system and at the same time we are able to present you a completely new music program!

We want you!

August 30, 2017

The Furry. FM team is looking for YOU!

Am Donnerstag den 10.8 haben wir bei uns DJ GORSH bei uns zu Gast und er wird wieder ein grandioses Set präsentieren!

Diesen Freitag haben wir zwei Gast Dj`s bei uns zu Gast im Radio: Gorsh und Melun!

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About us

  • Furry FM! Rock is an official swiss registred radio Station for the german and english furry community. Enjoy great Shows and Music! Furry FM is a part of the Furmania Entertainment Group.