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As is customary by now we’ll have our South Afrifur in London joining us. We’ll be looking at some of the events past from London and some of our own experiences of late as furs.We’ve got some interesting content.
Coming to you live from our monthly Gauteng Braai Event, we’ll have Zannah L, long time artist and con-goer of the furry fandom joining us. She’s one of the few furries that specialize in traditional art media and has a knack for Victorian styling. An interesting fur to meet to be sure, hope you guys tune in to have a listen to our guest!
Good Evening Ladies and Gentlefurs, you guys are in for a treat from 8pm on Sunday CAT, as we, the South Afrifur Podcast, will give you the wonderful pleasure of broadcasting live from the Gauteng area’s first formal Furcamp also known as the GFC. We’ll probably be a bit more than tipsy throughout the evening but never fear, we’ll get some South African insight on the comings and goings of some of our furry brethren and a rundown of some of the events from the previous few days. Join us on MONDAY evening 8pm CAT, 6pm GMT, 7pm CET and between 1pm EST and 10am PST.    
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