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Furry FM - English Articles
This Sunday we have the ultimate pleasure of having our second Doctor on the podcast. Dr Nuka! Dr. Courtney “Nuka” Plante is a social psychologist and co-founder of the International Anthropomorphic Research Project, a group of social scientists who have studied the furry fandom for the past six years and, to date, published more than 15 peer-reviewed papers. Dr. Plante’s research primarily focuses on the impact of fantasy activities on identity and well-being, and has also done work on social identity within fandoms and the effects of dehumanization on concern for animal welfare.  He works as a postdoctoral fellow at Iowa State University studying how players become immersed in video games and how this affects their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.…
  Snow Fangs the illustrious dragon hybrid from Knysna South Africa will be joining us this Sunday evening to share with us his experience of the furry fandom since he joined in 2011. He’s made great strides in the international community as the founder of ★║FURRIES║★ the group on Google+. We’ll talk to him about his involvement, how he was inspired to start the group and how it has grown to over 7500 members. We’ll also find out more from him as a furson! So come join us Sunday evening at 8pm CAT, 7pm, CET, 6pm GMT and for the American furs, anything from 1pm EST Westwards! You can catch us on Furry.FM and on Furstre.am. Also do not forget…
  This Sunday we have one of our recurring special guests with us, a horse who needs little introduction: JM Horse!
This Sunday’s guest is the illustrious Otter from the Eastern Cape, Nanukk! An established artist in the fandom since 2011, he helped set up one of the very first iterations of what is soon becoming the South Afrifur convention, in 2010 alongside another one of our guests, Electrocat, as well as Cat147. As a well travelled otter, he has also been to Rivfur convention in Brisbane, Australia in 2014.
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