Furry FM - This Sunday: Zannah L with a live-esque Audience!

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This Sunday: Zannah L with a live-esque Audience!

By Published March 24, 2016

Coming to you live from our monthly Gauteng Braai Event, we’ll have Zannah L, long time artist and con-goer of the furry fandom joining us.

She’s one of the few furries that specialize in traditional art media and has a knack for Victorian styling. An interesting fur to meet to be sure, hope you guys tune in to have a listen to our guest!

We’ll be streaming with the furries of Gauteng and will most probably have a few distractions along the way. Let’s see how this goes!

Join in:
8pm CAT, 6pm GMT 7pm CET, and 1pm EST through to 10pm PST for you American furs. Hope to see you there!


All art was done by Zannah L herself: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/zannah/

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