Furry FM - This Sunday (12/01/2020) South Afrifur Presents: Thabo Meerkat

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This Sunday (12/01/2020) South Afrifur Presents: Thabo Meerkat

By Published January 09, 2020

This Sunday we'll be Digging Up Positivity with Thabo Meerkat!

Thabo Meerkat is a performer, artist, organiser and YouTuber from the Netherlands, best known for his monthly news show ‘Digging Up Positivity’ and his yearly Furry Charity Index. He used to work as in post-production for various companies, ranging from small local TV stations to international movie companies. These days he is mostly working as a designer in IT. You can see him often on various comic conventions and charity events in the Netherlands and as part of the Eurofurence charity and media team.

So tune in this Sunday at 8pm (CAT)/ 6pm (GMT)/ 7pm (CET)/1pm (EST) and be part of the interview! Don't miss the opportunity to use our live chat on our homepage to ask your questions!

Follow Thabo here: https://twitter.com/ThaboMeerkat

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