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This Sunday: Tempo O’Kun!

By Published April 14, 2016

Good Evening ladies and gentlefurs!

We have Tempo O’Kun joining us this weekend two days after the closing of the Ursa Major Awards’ voting polls, if you have yet to vote for him or anyone/thing else you find worthy of a vote go here:


This Sunday (as you may know by now) we have Tempo (slowly but surely becoming our correspondent in the North American Furry Writer’s society) joining us to tell us a bit more about the prized Ursa Major Award that he has been nominated for this year.

We will also look at some of the up and coming projects he’s got going as well as some of his ongoing projects (Dinotopia is very high on the list of things we’d like to hear about) as well as the reception his novel, Windfall, has been getting since the nomination.

As always get ready for some interesting random segues and interesting stories about fruit, as the South Afrifur Podcast once again brings you it’s haphazard and sometimes bordering on risque, style.

Come one and come all, have a listen to us this Sunday, 8pm CAT/CEST, 7pm GMT, 2pm EDT all the way to 11am PDT


Art done by our very own RavenSong: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/punk-fox-dot-com/ 

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