Furry FM - This Sunday (17/03/2019): South Afrifur Update!

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This Sunday (17/03/2019): South Afrifur Update!

By Ivic Published March 14, 2019

This Sunday Scratch and Ivic talk about furry.fm and the path forward! 

This Sunday Ivic and Scratch from our English team will chat about this year's plans, the path forward for South Afrifur and our continued tenure at furry.fm we'll also be talking about the South Afrifur convention and many other interesting furry topics that we'll be handling throughout the next few months! After that, you can expect some music from Ivic himself after the end of the podcast until midnight in the Southern African land down under's timezone!

Tune in, chat along and join us for an evening off before you need to go back to work!

Do you have questions about the show? Then use our Furry.FM live chat and put it live during the show!

The Furry.FM team.

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