Furry FM - This Sunday (12/05/2019) South Afrifur Presents: Chipflake

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This Sunday (12/05/2019) South Afrifur Presents: Chipflake

By Published May 10, 2019

This Sunday we have the pleasure of having Chipflake on the show!

Chipflake is an artist from Britain who has been creating animated videos on YouTube since 2017. After growing up with cartoons and YouTube, Chip was inspired to create their own channel which features an anthropomorphic cat who shares relatable stories and opinions about daily life and the internet.

With over 45 videos Chipflake hopes to entertain cartoon-fans and inspire aspiring artists and animators while exploring their own artistic improvement journey through the channel.

We'll be focusing on things like Youtube fame, how to get your own channels started and so much more!


So be sure to join us this Sunday at 8pm CET/CAT and 2pm EST to hear from Chipflake!


More information on Chipflake:

Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRE6itj4Jte4manQEu3Y7OA

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