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This Sunday: Matthew Ebel

By Published May 30, 2017

A musical prodigy in his own right, Matthew Ebel!

This Sunday we have the wonderful pleasure of having Matthew Ebel in “studio with us.” For those of you who may be unfamiliar with him, may know him as a successful singer who’s art has gone through various changes since the early days of the MUck. Here's some more info off his website:

Matthew Ebel is a Boston-based piano rocker whose performances have been entertaining audiences for over a decade. With influences ranging from Ben Folds to the Foo Fighters, 

Ebel brings both a well-constructed sound and palpable energy to the stage. You may have seen him at the Grand Ole Opry, a local coffee house, a sci-fi convention, or streaming live via YouTube, but you’ve only seen a small part of what he has to offer.Starting out in Nashville’s fertile singer-songwriter community, Ebel crafted his unique blend of piano rock and electronics in front of the most discerning musical audiences. The melody- and lyric-driven sound helped him build a reputation as both a troubadour and a gifted composer/arranger. 

His songs range from lighthearted ballads about robots and ninjas to soul-baring tales of domestic abuse and self-doubt. No matter what the subject, Ebel’s audiences always leave wanting more. Ebel’s successes in the ever-changing music business have been cited in books by Dave KusekMartin AtkinsSimon Tam, and Ariel Hyatt. All of them point to Matthew Ebel for how he connects with his fans, draws in new listeners, and takes music in new directions with changing technology.

So stay tuned, this Sunday for Ivic, Scratch and Matthew Ebel at 8pm CAT/7pm CET, 6pm GMT and from East Coast to West Coast America between 2pm EST and 11am PST 

If you want a taste of his music go here: https://www.youtube.com/user/matthewebel


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