Furry FM - This Sunday: Interview with Chaosrider and Foxtacy: 02/09/2018

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This Sunday: Interview with Chaosrider and Foxtacy: 02/09/2018

By Published August 31, 2018

This Sunday we're talking Brazil, furries and Brazil Furcamp with Chaosrider and Foxtacy!

This Sunday we have the pleasure of having Chaosrider and Foxtacy in for a chat! They're on the board of Brazil Furcamp and are here to talk to us about the Brazilian furry scene! Here's a little bit more about them:

Chaosrider, but you can call him Chaos, is a 24yo fox-wolf hybrid and the chairperson for Brazil Furcamp. He's been in the fandom since 2012. He found out about it through some videos of Anthrocon while browsing the internet randomly for music videos and fell in love with the anthro culture. In that same year, he received his fursuit which he still has and cares for very carefully.

He is a very caring person and always tries to help those in need.

He Loves ramen, creating things, video games and cooking!

FoxT, a fox-squirrel hybrid, is a fur of many faces! Game Developer, Programmer, an ex-host for Furcinema and co-chairman for the upcoming Furcamp in 2019, where he also developed its homepage and is also a composer.

So join us this Sunday for Ivic Wulfe, Scratch, Foxtacy and Chaosrider at 8 pm CAT 8 pm CET, 6 pm GMT and from East Coast to West Coast America between 2 pm EDT and 11 am PDT



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