Furry FM - This Sunday: Furry.FM's own Echte Sinte!

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This Sunday: Furry.FM's own Echte Sinte!

By Published May 27, 2016

We have a nice little surprise for you this Sunday Evening with furry.fm's Echte Sinte joining us in our virtual studio to talk about his connection and alliance with the Furry.fm group.


A fur who was brought to us for his ability to do some scripting for our German counterparts and seems to enjoy everything about Being Furry! A somewhat newcomer to the rigmorale that is the furry.fm team but he's a hard worker and pretty interested in what he'll be tasked to do.

We thought that since we'll also be working with him by proxy he'll be able to explain what his function within the furry.fm team is as a belated part two of the "Meet the Team: Furry.fm edition" after Bravura. We're more than excited to have him on the show and hope that he'll be able to keep up with us!

So come and have a listen to what we have to say at 8pm CAT/CET, 7pm GMT and from East Coast to West Coast America between 2pm EDT and 11am PDT:


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