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This Sunday: Chili Con Comrades

By Published September 29, 2016

Furry gamers go!

Chili Con Comrades is a collaborative effort by four Internet people to create electrifying web content: media critiques, game videos, and other ridiculous nonsense. Their only goal is to entertain us, as a side-effect of posting stuff about themselves!

They are a staff of close-knit friends who share an equal partnership in this endeavor:


BIO: Phenwah is a Computer Science graduate from northern Oregon. He likes shooters, racing games, hacker philosophy, action movies, and partially-covered faces.


BIO: DemoWeasel is an animator from southern California. He likes animation, retro games, mustelids, Mexican food, and form-fitting crimefighting suits.


BIO: Lobst is a TG webcomic artist from Minnesota. She likes story-based games, cartoons, lame sitcoms, comics, and embarrassing ’90s pop music.

So stay tuned, this Sunday for Ivic, Scratch and Chili Con Comrades at 8pm CAT/CET, 7pm GMT and from East Coast to West Coast America between 2pm EDT and 11am PDT


And if you want to check out some of our earlier content  click here:https://www.youtube.com/c/southafrifur

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