Furry FM - Tempo O’Kun: Huskies in Brazil

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Tempo O’Kun: Huskies in Brazil

By Published March 04, 2016

Just when you thought we’d had, had enough of writers for a while, the other prolific writer that we have spoken to, Tempo O'Kun appears. Fresh from a trip to Brazil to flood the furs down in the Southern Americas with Magic Cards and lazily drinking Caipirinhas while watching the sun set and he comes with a list of topics to speak of.

Topics we’ll cover this Sunday are his work on getting Sixes Wild 2 out for Anthrocon, publishing Allison & The Cool New Spaceship Body, teaching a creative writing class and maybe getting a few tips from the lecturer himself, putting ebook versions of all his works on Amazon and other places, his current progress on organizing a Canadian furry anthology and of course his progress in recovering from the Brazilian furry con where we can quiz him about how that went.

So, imagine a very full podcast where once again we talk about this very busy husky and all the interesting things he gets up to! So come have a listen, 8pm CAT, 6pm GMT 7pm CET and between 1pm EST and 10am PST!
Tempo also has a tumblr blog: http://tempowrites.tumblr.com/ as well as a patreon account if you feel like donating: www.patreon.com/tempo actually…donate…this Husky is epic!

Podcast starts at 8pm CAT, 7pm CET 6pm GMT (EUROPE) and between 1pm EST and 10am PST for you American types.

Come have a listen, this should be awesome.

Top pic: Blotch
Bottom Pic: Rukis and Kentket

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