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Goooooood evening Ladies and Gentlefurs! Sunday evening we will be having a valentines cast! Come join us where we’ll be talking about love! Hooray! Right?

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This Sunday we have the ultimate pleasure of having our second Doctor on the podcast. Dr Nuka!

Dr. Courtney “Nuka” Plante is a social psychologist and co-founder of the International Anthropomorphic Research Project, a group of social scientists who have studied the furry fandom for the past six years and, to date, published more than 15 peer-reviewed papers. Dr. Plante’s research primarily focuses on the impact of fantasy activities on identity and well-being, and has also done work on social identity within fandoms and the effects of dehumanization on concern for animal welfare.  He works as a postdoctoral fellow at Iowa State University studying how players become immersed in video games and how this affects their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Dr. Plante has been a part of the furry fandom for nearly ten years, though he has been a fan of Pokemon, furry-themed Webcomics, and furry art for much longer than that. His fursona is a neon-blue cat named Nuka who wears a lab coat and “does science” (which, more often than not, ends with fire and explosions). Nuka enjoys video games, marshmallows, fuzzy things, and sushi; his favorite ponies are Vinyl Scratch and Twilight Sparkle.

Come join us this Sunday to hear about what this crazy cat has to say about his research on the furry fandom as always we’ll be streaming at 8pm CAT, 7pm CET, 6 pm GMT and from 1pm EST moving backwards in time as we go further west over the expanse that is America!

We’ll be streaming over Furstre.am and Furry.FM

Art by: Laz3rcat who also has a Patreon

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Rukis, our guest this Sunday is an accomplished artist within the furry community, having published several novels and illustrating several comics, including Cruelty and its sequel Unconditional as well as Heretic and Off the Beaten Path from the Red Lantern Series. She’s won the Ursa Major for Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration for her cover of Kyell Gold’s Green Fairy in 2012 as well as Best Anthropomorphic Novel in 2014 for Off the Beaten Path.


The pink cabbit from Diffurently ( https://www.youtube.com/user/difFURently ) will be joining us this Sunday. A regular visitor at many conventions around the United States and a striking figure to boot with his shocking pink fursuit, this cabbit has been noticed everywhere.

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