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Sunday’s Guest: Toumal the Orca!

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Our guest Tomorrow will be Toumal the Orca. Well known for his work on one of the first Furry content websites, Yiffstar, and his collaboration on SoFurry. An Austrian fur as well as our first cetecean or aquatic mammal. He dabbles in electronics, he’s an avid Ham Radio enthusiast and RC plane creator he also enjoys shooting and sushi, a lot of sushi. Toumal has been part of the fandom since 1997 and created Yiffstar in 2002 which changed to SoFurry after a collaberation in 2009 with Osver Kesh who had Suggested that they merge and thus Sofurry was born. We are very honoured to have Toumal on, on Sunday evening and we will be dedicating the evening to chatting about the difficulties of running a Furry content website and some of the projects that he will be running throughout the next couple of months.

Be sure to join us Sunday at 8pm CAT, 7pm CET and for you American furs (as DST ends on the 1st) 1pm EST on: Furry.FM or Furstre.am

Also be sure to check us out on YouTube if you miss the podcast!



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Bottom: GaiasAngel

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Sie kommt...
Ein lautes Quietschen hinter euch... ein Stöhnen von unter dem Bett... Schritte auf dem Flur... ein Kratzen an der Wand... Die schaurigste Zeit des Jahres hat begonnen und wir laden EUCH ein dabei zu sein, wenn am Halloweenabend Schreckgespenster und Monster die Gegend unsicher machen! Wir liefern euch den passenden Sound für euren NIGHTMARE-Halloween-Abend! Wir bieten euch eine breite Palette von Songs, alte und neue, Klassiker und Newbies! Dazu erwarten euch noch ein paar spannende Stories. Also verpasst nicht einzuschalten!

 Sunday’s Guest - Arrkay: Culturally F’d

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Arrkay, a red-winged blackbird (also the first avian we’ve had on the podcast) will be rejoining us this Sunday at 8pm CAT and 2pm EDT.

He has been around since 2010 and has since become a voice to the many questions we might have in respect to anthro/furry culture. From Egyptians to FurryMuck from “Furryconomics” to Con-culture. He helps us understand the inner nature of that was and is our social-dynamic. Slowly gaining some headway within the community as an influential voice on the origins of the furry fandom. His matter-of-fact commentary and his interesting looks into the history of furries gives a lot of weight to the argument that it didn’t just start in one place. He’s been researching these origins and looking at backstories on popular topics within the fandom and we’re glad to have him on.

Check out his YouTube-channel: Culturallyfd and find out what he has to say!

We’ll see you here on furry.fm and https://furstre.am/stream/South-Afrifur and if you miss out, check out our backlog: www.youtube.com/c/southafrifur

Arists: Ricket (Top) Eevachu (Bottom)

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