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This Sunday, we have our first guest from the fated Down Under! The Stoat from Australia, Jay Coates.

Teile eines amerikanischen (NSFW) Furry/Therian Comedy-Podcasts namens "FurCast.FM" wurden auf mehreren terrestrischen, amerikanischen Mainstream-Radiosendern abgespielt. Statt sanften Klängen gab es schmutzige Dildo-Gespräche zum Frühstück. Was kann man aus diesem Vorfall lernen?

Two of our local furry YouTube let’s players will be joining us. Onyx Raven, 80% horse 20% wolf and 100% dedicated to his game and Iron Wolf Tempest…uh 80% wolf, 20% robotic and 100% Full Metal Alchemist have decided to share some of their experiences on the podcast this coming Sunday. They’ll be talking a little shop, creativity, the importance of showmanship and internet personality as well as pitfalls and partnerships.

This Sunday, hailing from his cave of madness, Arrkay, the founder of Culturally F’d, a channel that has recently been gaining steam on the Youtubes, will be joining us.

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