Furry FM - South-Afrifur Valentines Podcast

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South-Afrifur Valentines Podcast

By Published February 12, 2016

Goooooood evening Ladies and Gentlefurs! Sunday evening we will be having a valentines cast! Come join us where we’ll be talking about love! Hooray! Right?

We will be taking shout outs and confessions from our wonderful listeners and any questions that you may have on the topic of valentines day, all your burning questions about love will be answered by our very own peanuts: Ivic_Wulfe, Scratch, DanLeo and of course the illustrious RavenSong!
Art done by said RavenSong

So come Tune in this Sunday, 14 February, 8pm CAT, 7pm CET, 6pm GMT and 1pm EST through to 10am PST for you American furs.


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