Furry FM - Kyell Gold: A Fox’s Tail - This Sunday

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Kyell Gold: A Fox’s Tail - This Sunday

By Published February 25, 2016

Do you all remember that time we had Kyell Gold on the podcast? Yeah…this one: Newspost

Well guess what? We have him on again! Kyell will be speaking to us about the completion of his Out of Position series and how he feels about finally ending the saga of Dev and Lee’s encounters.

We’ll also ask him about what his future projects will be beyond this as well as look at his career thus far. We will also be looking at how he’s managed to continue writing without becoming a typecast writer and how he’s managed to find the balance in the content of his books. Finally we’ll also be speaking about his thoughts on the furry writing community as a whole and what he thinks of the recent growth it’s experienced. So come have a listen as we speak once again to one of the most prolific novelists within the furry fandom and ask him all sorts of awkward questions!

Podcast starts at 8pm CAT, 7pm CET 6pm GMT (EUROPE) and between 1pm EST and 10am PST for you American types.

Come have a listen, this should be awesome.

Top pic: Blotch
Bottom Pic: Rukis and Kentket

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