Furry FM - Furry Valley is stealing our stuff!

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Furry Valley is stealing our stuff!

By Published June 04, 2020

Furry Valley steals pictures from Furry.FM and blocks us!

Dear listeners of Furry.FM,

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Unfortunately, we have to inform you about a negative incident that has been causing us headaches for some time. The platform/group Furry Valley steals and uses our pictures for their own shows. These pictures can be seen on various social platforms, especially on Telegram.

We have approached Furry Valley on several occasions and have informed them that they are not allowed to use our artwork (where we have the sole right to publish). This has, however, actively been ignored by the group and the owner "Simba". This has gone as far as us being blocked on all communications channels. We have also been told by listeners who have noticed these circumstances that they were also blocked as soon as the topic Furry.FM was mentioned.

For these reasons, we feel that we have no choice but to take legal action against them.  Therefore, the following applies at this point:

Furry.FM herewith rescinds any ties with and has NOTHING to do with Furry Valley and is completely distancing itself from them as a community. If you see our pictures in connection with Furry Valley, please report this to us immediately.

Please do not support platforms like Furry Valley. Respect the property rights of the owners of artwork and please also share this post so that it is clear that we have no ties with Furry Valley! The German version of this post can be found here



Last modified on Friday, 05 June 2020 16:15

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