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FoxT- Of the Brazilian Furrtherhood

By Published March 11, 2016

(Apologies for the late update)

This Sunday’s guest, in keeping with our Brazilian themes, is FoxT, the garrulous squirrel-fox from Brazil, will be talking to us about his latest adventures and will give his side of Tempo’s visit to Brazil. We’ll also be looking at how he’s been doing since our last chat with him and we’ll be treated to some really…excitable chitchat! So, come join us on Sunday evening, to hear things from one of the South American gems and also have a guest from South of the equator for once!

Podcast starts at 8pm CAT, 7pm CET 6pm GMT (EUROPE) and between 1pm EST and 10am PST for you American types.

Come have a listen, this should be awesome.


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