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Furry FM Donations Commissions

By Published March 18, 2018

You are looking for an artist for your commission and at the same time want to help your favourite station?

Now is your chance!

We present the Furry.FM Donation Commissions.


How does it work? Quite simply! 

Just get in touch with the Furry.FM team and give up your commission. Don't worry, you'll get exactly what you would have paid for on a regular commission. Unfortunately, currently only a limited number of commissions per month can be recorded with the respective artists.

Your advantages:

The commission will have nothing to do with Furry.FM visually and will be processed asap - so the annoying puzzle with the waiting list is no longer necessary. There are no higher costs for you - the Commissions basic price that our artists demand remains the same.

However, the amount does not go completely into the artist's pocket but partly into the Furry.FM donation account. We are very grateful for every donation and are all the more pleased if the amount is higher than expected. 


The catch?

Unfortunately, at the moment we can only offer one commission of this kind per artist per month. Should there be great interest in the matter, we will also consider a discount for "repeat offenders" and expand the number of commission places.

Many thanks in advance for your help!

The Furry.FM Team

Last modified on Sunday, 18 March 2018 17:03

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  • Furry FM! Rock is an official swiss registred radio Station for the german and english furry community. Enjoy great Shows and Music! Furry FM is a part of the Furmania Entertainment Group.