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This Sunday’s guest is the illustrious Otter from the Eastern Cape, Nanukk! An established artist in the fandom since 2011, he helped set up one of the very first iterations of what is soon becoming the South Afrifur convention, in 2010 alongside another one of our guests, Electrocat, as well as Cat147. As a well travelled otter, he has also been to Rivfur convention in Brisbane, Australia in 2014.

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Rukis, our guest this Sunday is an accomplished artist within the furry community, having published several novels and illustrating several comics, including Cruelty and its sequel Unconditional as well as Heretic and Off the Beaten Path from the Red Lantern Series. She’s won the Ursa Major for Best Anthropomorphic Published Illustration for her cover of Kyell Gold’s Green Fairy in 2012 as well as Best Anthropomorphic Novel in 2014 for Off the Beaten Path.


The pink cabbit from Diffurently ( https://www.youtube.com/user/difFURently ) will be joining us this Sunday. A regular visitor at many conventions around the United States and a striking figure to boot with his shocking pink fursuit, this cabbit has been noticed everywhere.

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