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(DE) Galax Lion

January 17, 2019



 Galax lion klein 


Hey, ich bin Galax Lion oder meist einfach nur Galax! Als glückliches Mitglied des Furry.FM Teams moderiere ich oftmals Sendungen des Radios mit und helfe auch hinter den Kulissen so gut ich kann.

Aktiv im Furry-Fandom bin ich seit August 2017 und habe im November 2018 meine ersten Schritte ins Radio gewagt. Ich bin ein kleiner Tech-Löwe und schweife daher gerne mal zu den verschiedensten Themen der Informatik ab. Dabei haben es mir vor allem die Bereiche IT-Sicherheit und Datenschutz angetan, worüber ich bis zum Ende aller Zeit reden könnte ;)

Da bei einem Radio die Musik einen erheblichen Anteil einnimmt, bin ich eigentlich offen für jedes Musikgenre, aber Orchestermusik (vor allem Soundtracks) und auch Rockmusik haben einen speziellen Platz in meinem Herz.

Ich freue mich über euer Interesse am Radio und an meiner Person und hoffe, dass wir uns bald mal im Livechat treffen :3   




(EN) Raven Song

January 14, 2016

About Me


Raven, a.k.a. Raven Song, is a young South African furry chick now residing in London (though if she had her way it would be Hawaii or somewhere with sunlight on more than one day of the year). Born and raised to be as different as possible, Raven prides herself in being as wacky as she can.

(EN) Scratch

November 13, 2015

Hi, I'm Scratch.

I'm a co-founder of the South Afrifur podcast along with Ivic and Inpw.

Currently I manage the streaming, recording and Youtube presence of the podcast.

IRL I'm a software and game developer. I'm interested in game design and all things related to gaming with dreams of one day making something that's not painful to play. The podcast is, for me, a great platform to find out what makes the creatives in the fandom tick and how they stay creative despite the daily challenges and distractions.


I like nearly all kinds of music without lyrics (coding while someone is talking is impossible for me).

(EN) Doge

November 13, 2015

Hey there! My name is DanLeo, also known as Doge.

I am the PR for South Afrifur and handle advertising and so on.

I am a nature enthusiast and work as an ecologist part time while i finish my studies in nature management, I am also an avid archer and outdoorsman.

I love the Podcast for the fact that we get to interact with such a wide variety of furs from all over the world! And I love being a part of that experience and bringing it to the listeners!

My music tastes range from rock to adult contemporary to folk.

A few of my favorite bands are Green Day, Halestorm, Aking, Mumford and sons and Passengers.

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