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Raven, a.k.a. Raven Song, is a young South African furry chick now residing in London (though if she had her way it would be Hawaii or somewhere with sunlight on more than one day of the year). Born and raised to be as different as possible, Raven prides herself in being as wacky as she can.

Once having twelve fursona's under the name of Punk Fox, Raven is now back in her first form, an Anubian jackal, though I genuinely wouldn't be surprised if she changed her mind, again. She is legit unable to commit to anything. E-ver...

Art, singing, making a nuisance. All of these fall under her repertoire of skills and hobbies.
And horse riding. Rae Rae loves horses.

Music is her soul and Raven listens to absolutely everything. Even Kwaito (South African traditional rap/house mix), though she avoids it...
My favourite group is M83 and Walk the Moon, though I am inspired by Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Sex Pistols and Genesis (in the early days, not their later stuff).

Raven plans on being an actress one day... when she eventually gets off her lazy butt and does something about it... Till then, she'll just play the Sims and act the fool.


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