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Thursday’s Guest: Witchie Bunny

By Veröffentlicht Februar 15, 2016


This Thursday we have a very awesome guest joining us! Witchie Bunny is a staffer at Anthrocon as well as a long time server of the furry community at large.

Her accolades aside from her longstanding service to Anthrocon include her work on a webcomic called http://hiddendisguisescomic.tumblr.com/ as well as being an ex-admin for furaffinity.

However our main focus for the evening will be gender and race divides and whether they exist within the fandom. Topics would include what it’s like being a woman in the fandom, whether the fandom can in fact overlook the idea of race since we’re a group of multi-coloured animals anyway (rainbowfurs…South Africa did it first stop stealing our thunder) and how we would be able to reach out or come across as more accepting within the fandom.

We’ll also look at typical reactions to these differences and hear from Witchie as to what she believes it’s all about, as well as whether furs in South Africa and other countries rich with many ethnicities can be more accommodating.

This podcast is also in conjunction with [Adjective][Species]

So come join us this THURSDAY 18th of February, 8pm CAT, 7pm CET, 6pm GMT and 1pm EST through to 10am PST for you American furs.


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