Furry FM - This Sunday: South Afrifur Presents - Writer's Roundtable

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This Sunday: South Afrifur Presents - Writer's Roundtable

By Veröffentlicht Oktober 14, 2021

This Sunday - in celebration of Furry Book Month - we're casting the spotlight on literature in the fandom.

Amongst the hardest hit by the pandemic are small, independant publishers who rely heavily on hardcopy book sales to make ends meet.

With many conventions cancelled or postponed, and a lot of face-to-face interaction lost, times have certainly been tough.

Joining us in the virtual studio are four authors from Goal Publications. Mary E. Lowd, Ian Madison Keller, Leila Wilson and Jako Malan
who will share their thoughts and reflect on the need, purpose and future of the written word in the fandom.

This Sunday at 8PM (CET/GMT+2) on Furry.FM!

Mary E. Lowd ("Otters in Space", "When a Cat loves a Dog" and many, many more...)

Ian M. Keller: (The Dragonsbane Saga, "Flower's Fang" and "Changing Bodies")

Leila Wilson: (The Elancia Chronicles)

Jako Malan: (Artisans and Opportunists)



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