Furry FM - This Sunday: Tempo and Slate discuss Windfall

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This Sunday: Tempo and Slate discuss Windfall

By Veröffentlicht November 14, 2018

This Sunday we have the pleasure of having Tempo and Slate on to talk about their respective projects!

Tempo and Slate are back this Sunday to talk about their new publication, "Windfall: An Otter-Body Experience and Other Stories".

As you may know, they've spent various Sunday evenings with us on the show and always have some really interesting stories to tell us!

We'll also be catching up with both of them about their ongoing and up and coming projects.


So tune in this Sunday at 8pm (CAT)/ 6pm (GMT)/ 7pm (CET)/ 1pm (EST) and be part of the interview! Don't miss the opportunity to use our live chat on our homepage to ask your questions!

Check out Tempo and Slate on Social Media: Tempo, Slate

The Furry.FM and South Afrifur Team

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