Furry FM - This Sunday (28/04/2019) South Afrifur Presents: Stephen Coghlan

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This Sunday (28/04/2019) South Afrifur Presents: Stephen Coghlan

By Veröffentlicht April 25, 2019

South Afrifur continues its love affair for writers and writing with this Sunday's Guest: Stephen Coghlan

Stephen Coghlan, (Hard G on the last name, (he claims to have been disemboweled, so Mr. Colon is no longer with him.) and he's the author of the GENMOS (Genetically Modified Species) series, which is a cross-Canada YA (young adult) Furry adventure series, the upcoming, Nobilis Space Opera, which is furry inclusive, a collection of shorts that have found their way into furry anthologies, and even a centaur/human crop-opera alt-hist novella called Fifty Shades of Neigh. (which he swears he started as a joke.)

So join us this Sunday Evening for the South Afrifur podcast, exclusive to https://furry.fm

For more on Stephen Coghlan:


Twitter: https://twitter.com/WordsBySC

Handy dandy FAQ: https://twitter.com/WordsBySC/status/989802676425756673

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