Furry FM - This Sunday (07/06/2020) South Afrifur Presents: Furry Round-table

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This Sunday (07/06/2020) South Afrifur Presents: Furry Round-table

By Veröffentlicht Juni 03, 2020

This Sunday we're talking recent events!

Given the kinds of conversations happening within America and around the world right now, we're taking up the initiative of our platform to give voice to the myriad issues that are faced by furries both inside the anthro/furry space as well as in their day-to-day. The intention here is to begin a conversation with the focus on shedding more light on more marginalized peoples within our fandom.

For this round table, we'll be talking about the current political sphere, how it affects the fandom both as a whole and in specific and what we as furries can do to help those around us.

Beyond that, we'll be talking about "All Lives Matter", "Keeping Politics out of the fandom" and the potential pitfalls that statements like these can create.

So be sure to tune in this Sunday for a discussion around these issues!

Our list of panelists:

So tune in this Sunday at 8pm (CAT/CET)/ 6pm (GMT)  2pm (EDT) and be part of the interview! Don't miss the opportunity to use our live chat on our homepage to ask your questions!

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