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Chaos Cast - The England Report

By Veröffentlicht April 01, 2016

As is customary by now we’ll have our South Afrifur in London joining us. We’ll be looking at some of the events past from London and some of our own experiences of late as furs.We’ve got some interesting content.

Like the growth of the fandom within South Africa, the recent interesting conversations Raven has been having with some of the furs from England, maybe even attempt to light-heartedly talk about drama related issues and how to handle them.

Also we’ll talk about our thoughts on the hype that involves Furvilla and maybe look at some of the up and coming game-based furry content like Ratchet and Clank and Sly Cooper.
Be prepared for a relatively light-hearted and upbeat podcast with your crew, Doge, Ivic-Wulfe, Raven-Song and Scratch (alphabetical order :P)

See you this Sunday 8pm CAT, 6pm GMT, 7pm CET and from 1pm EST all the way to 10am PST for you American furs.


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