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This Sunday: Boozy Badger!

By Veröffentlicht November 09, 2017

He is the law. No one can say differently.

 The Boozy Barrister (Badger) is, despite the name, not a drunken barrister.  Being an American lawyer, the Boozy Barrister is at best an inebriated attorney.  But the alliteration of “Boozy Barrister” was too good to pass up, and someone had to use it.

Boozy, as he is affectionately known among those that know him but don’t “know” him, is a civil litigator who took the long road to being a lawyer, previously holding esteemed positions as a bartender, a car salesman, and a riverboat deckhand. He maintains his nominal anonymity on here, and a look through his post history should make it pretty clear why he does this. There are those who have met Boozy in person, and describe his appearance as a cross between Danny Devito and a hobbit. Those who have heard his voice, and have escaped unscathed, have commented that it’s like “honey.” Some people have even described him as “nice.”

Boozy fervently disagrees with all of these things.


So join us this Sunday for our interview with Boozy, Ivic Wulfe and Scratch at 8pm CAT 7pm CET, 6pm GMT and from East Coast to West Coast America between 1pm EDT and 10am PDT


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