Furry FM - This Sunday (25/08/2019) South Afrifur Presents: Tantroo McNally

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This Sunday (25/08/2019) South Afrifur Presents: Tantroo McNally

By Veröffentlicht August 21, 2019

This Sunday we're back with an interview with Tantroo McNally!

Tantroo McNally, is a ridiculously read red roo reporter and has written articles about the furry fandom since 2010 for the furry news site Flayrah. He became an editor there in 2017. In the fandom since 2001, he has kept a curious watch over the continued growth of the fandom in spite of the turbulence of the world around it. He’s been trying to move into video vlogs about the fandom with his YouTube channel “World in Rooview” where he covers current events and does streaming of video games of a furry persuasion.

So be sure to join us this Sunday (25/08/2019) at 8pm CET/CAT and 2pm EST to hear from Tantroo McNally!



Art done by: @AilurusMursus/https://furrynetwork.com/ladyscarlet/

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