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Sunday's guest: Arrkay!

By Veröffentlicht April 21, 2016

This Sunday, hailing from his cave of madness, Arrkay, the founder of Culturally F’d, a channel that has recently been gaining steam on the Youtubes, will be joining us.

His informative videos as well as his more humourous ones, gaining some traction within the fandom as he aims to RULE THE WORLD. Kinda like CNN. Jokes aside, his channel has recently been nominated for an Ursa Major and his fanbase has been growing on a daily basis and we’re happy to have him back on to talk about what the Ursa may mean to him as well as the continued growth of his channel.

So stay tuned, this Sunday we’ll be talking Youtube shop and future projects.

Come one and come all, have a listen to us this Sunday,eigther at Furstre.am or here at Furry.FM, starting at 8pm CAT/CEST, 7pm GMT, 2pm EDT all the way to 11am PDT

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