Furry FM - This Sunday (29/12/2019) South Afrifur Presents: Quartz Husky

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This Sunday (29/12/2019) South Afrifur Presents: Quartz Husky

By Veröffentlicht Dezember 26, 2019

This Sunday a more statistical side of Furry, we present Quartz Husky!

Quartz Husky is a YouTuber from Columbia, South Carolina, USA, best known for creating statistics oriented videos breaking down the furry fandom. Quartz also focused on the fandom outside the United States; having made videos about the fandom in various parts of the world. He has works as a financial data analyst day-to-day and likes traveling, camping, and exploring in his spare time. He's also on the con-board for a convention in Asheville North Carolina called Blue Ridge Furfare, working on the stats and finances for the convention.

We're proud to present Quartz Husky, on the air with us to talk about their youtube channel, stats, their up and coming con and whatever other new projects he might have!

So tune in this Sunday at 8pm (CAT)/ 6pm (GMT)/ 7pm (CET)/1pm (EST) and be part of the interview! Don't miss the opportunity to use our live chat on our homepage to ask your questions!



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