Furry FM - This Sunday (12/04/2020) South Afrifur Presents: Alex Vance

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This Sunday (12/04/2020) South Afrifur Presents: Alex Vance

By Veröffentlicht April 09, 2020

We have the great pleasure of getting to talk to Alex Vance, writer, podcaster and so much more

Alex Vance, aka “Khaki” has been a mover and a shaker in the furry fandom for two decades.

In his writing days, he wrote an Ursa Award-winning graphic novel, founded the furry publishing outfit Bad Dog Books and the FANG and ROAR and had stories published in Sofawolf’s “Heat” and Kyell Gold’s “X” anthology.

As a pro wedding photographer, he’s taught panels and shot the recordings of three of Fox Amoore’s albums, as well as numerous conventions, focusing on the theme of “con life” and striving to show the energy and joy of creativity and togetherness.

Khaki was invited as Guest of Honour to three conventions in Russia, England and Czechia, served as designer SoFurry’s revamp (twice), guested and hosted a number of furry podcasts and had recurring voice-acting roles on the Furry Basketball Association and Equestria: Hidden Histories.

Most recently, Khaki started The Voice Of Dog podcast, in response to the coronavirus crisis, where a lot of furries are stuck indoors and missing their friends. Every day, he reads a new story by a wonderful furry writer to put a spring in your step and a wag in your tail.

So be sure to join us this Sunday at 8pm CET/CAT and 2pm EST to hear from Alex Vance


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