Furry FM - South Afrifur Convention Livechat! 29/07/2018

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South Afrifur Convention Livechat! 29/07/2018

By Veröffentlicht Juli 26, 2018

Our audio and short interview from the South Afrifur convention floor


While at the SAFC (South African Furry Convention) we did a live podcast and asked some of the furs there to answer a few questions! We enjoyed this quite immensely!
We hope you enjoy this madcap adventure into some of the furs that attended!

Thanks to Claudi for making the banner and Bravura for providing the audio equipment!

And to all the lovely furs that attended!

So join us this Sunday for Ivic Wulfe, Scratch and the attendees of the South African Furry Convention at 8 pm CAT 8 pm CET, 6 pm GMT and from East Coast to West Coast America between 2 pm EDT and 11 am PDT

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