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Podcaster wanted! Podcaster wanted! Furry.FM

Podcaster wanted!

By Veröffentlicht Juli 07, 2021

Furry.FM is looking for active Furry podcasters who would like to have their show featured on our radio station! 

um was geht es

We from Furry.FM would like to bring the fandom a bit closer together and promote great talents and projects. We already do this with our interviews, but now we want to go one step further and present your podcasts on the radio! The whole thing is completely free and you benefit from a higher reach, with many new listeners for your passion project! Ideally, you can do your podcast regularly and get a fixed slot in our program! For the Furry.FM network it would be enriching to be able to present more Furry content to the listeners as well as to expand the program.


Each of your podcast episodes will be announced individually. We will post the information about your project on Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, Discord and our homepage in order to achieve the maximum reach for your podcast episodes. We will automatically include the podcasts in the program for you so that they can be played on the radio without interruption. Additionally, you can interact with listeners during the broadcast in our live chat. We would like to emphasize once again: The whole service is free of charge for you while also reaching a new part of the fandom and gain a new listenership.  


In order to play your podcast on Furry.FM, you need to meet a few requirements:

  1. You should have some experience in podcasting or moderation in general.
  2. You must be able to provide a small description for each episode so that viewers are informed about what happens in the episode.
  3. The podcasts must be cleanly mixed and must have a good audio quality.
  4. The podcast should be SFW. (NSFW can only be broadcast from 10 pm CET).
  5. Illegal content, hate, discrimination or similar are neither desired nor allowed and will lead to the immediate termination of the partnership.

If you fulfill these points, you can present your podcast / podcast project at Furry.FM. Just contact us via email to administration(at)furry.fm where we will discuss everything with you!

Your Furry.FM Team


Last modified on Mittwoch, 07 Juli 2021 15:41

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