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OwO Whats dis OwO OwO Whats dis OwO Furry.FM/Leandra

OWO What`s dis OwO

By Veröffentlicht Dezember 20, 2018

We invite you to the big crazy music show of the year!

The Furry.FM Team and the South Afrifur Team have teamed up for a big music show! We present you the top songs from this year as well as our personal favorites! Look forward to a entertaining show with great Hosts, great music and lots of humor! The focus of the show is of course not only the music, but also the humour and fun in the show, as the title already reveals.

Don't be surprised if we don't take ourselves as seriously.! We'll be bringing you the best in one of our last shows for the year. After all it's christmas soon! But be calm, there will be no Christmas music! (#LastChristmas) This show will be hosted by Ivic,Bravura,Leandra and Kain!

So turn on Furry.FM this Friday at 20:15 (CET) and join us in the live chat, which you can find on our homepage!

Furry.FM needs your support! If you like our shows, donate us a coffee! https://www.paypal.me/furryfmpaypal 

Your Furry.FM/South Afrifur Team.


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