Furry FM - LOLO Radio Ep. 5 - Interview with Tosca!

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Interview with Tosca! Interview with Tosca! Furry.FM / Lorcian

LOLO Radio Ep. 5 - Interview with Tosca!

By Veröffentlicht August 10, 2021

A new episode of LOLO Radio, this Wednesday Live on Furry.FM!

This Wednesday we have another special episode of LOLO Radio. We have Tosca as our guest, who is an extremely talented 3D modeler / Avatar maker. She specialises in VR Chat Furry Avatars. Tosca has spent years developing a unique style that is instantly recognisable. Being customisable, accessable and expressive, they are a go-to for 100's of Furs and are the next best thing to a fursuit!

Tosca on: https://twitter.com/x_skulleh

The Show will be on Air this Wednesday at 8PM (CEST/GMT+2)

What is LOLO Radio?

With Lorcian our new host at Furry.FM, there is now a new weekly show on Furry.FM! Some of you have already heard him on one his various shows on Furry.FM, now he will host a show every Wednesday at 8PM (CEST/GMT+2) on Furry.FM with a variety of topics! Look forward for some great music, talk shows and  interviews! 

Your Furry.FM Team.

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