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By November 13, 2015
Hey there! My name is DanLeo, also known as Doge. I am the PR for South Afrifur and handle advertising and so on. I am a nature enthusiast and work as an ecologist part time while i finish my studies in nature management, I am also an avid archer and outdoorsman. I love the Podcast for the fact that we get to interact with such a wide variety of furs from all over the world! And I love being a part of that experience and bringing it to the listeners! My music tastes range from rock to adult contemporary to folk. A few of my favorite bands are Green Day, Halestorm, Aking, Mumford and sons and Passengers.
Sunday’s Guest: Toumal the Orca! Our guest Tomorrow will be Toumal the Orca. Well known for his work on one of the first Furry content websites, Yiffstar, and his collaboration on SoFurry. An Austrian fur as well as our first cetecean or aquatic mammal. He dabbles in electronics, he’s an avid Ham Radio enthusiast and RC plane creator he also enjoys shooting and sushi, a lot of sushi. Toumal has been part of the fandom since 1997 and created Yiffstar in 2002 which changed to SoFurry after a collaberation in 2009 with Osver Kesh who had Suggested that they merge and thus Sofurry was born. We are very honoured to have Toumal on, on Sunday evening and we will be…
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