Furry FM - SOUTH AFRIFUR with Caenish, Sunday 7PM GMT

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SOUTH AFRIFUR with Caenish, Sunday 7PM GMT

By Veröffentlicht November 25, 2015

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This Sunday we have the distinct pleasure of having Caenish, one of the leaders within the Northern Ireland Furry communities joining us. He owns the forum for the Northern Ireland furs. He also holds and organizes many furmeets for the community. Much like us here in South Africa, their community is small and very tight knit. We have him on this Sunday to speak about his recent experiences of going to Scotiacon as well as his perspectives of smaller growing communities and what can be done to market them within areas that may be a bit more conservative. Also, what it’s like being a furry in Ireland and whether the distinct differences between cultures can be overcome (we’re talking England vs Ireland, Scotland and Wales.)

Take a licten at 8pm CAT, 7pm CET, 6GMT and 2pm EST on Furstre.am and here on Furry.FM


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